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  1. anonymous

    karuna deal

    I launched Latuda years ago in schizophrenia. 300 reps in this disease state is WAY too many. You could launch successfully with half that number.

  2. anonymous


    This reminds me of the "classic" Caduet launch of ~20 years ago. Marketing (Nine Box Grid) and VP of Sales were CLUELESS, and the drug bombed.

  3. anonymous

    Retire this POS to lost civilizations

    Rikers Ronnie couldn’t navigate the legalities of IP protection so I doubt he could navigate a pardon for investor fraud. does a product that barely broke $40M really have competition Habib? Perhaps for space on trucks when being returned as...

  4. anonymous

    Pfizer Oncology Medical Becoming the Sales Team???

    I have never known anyone who knows what a KAM does.

  5. anonymous

    MS Division What Happened?

    CV is exactly the same. My guess is this is happening in every division. No culture, more metrics. After the dust settles what is Des going to be left with? I don’t think he is competent in the least bit. How long can his charade last?

  6. anonymous


    Wow, you are generous with your statement. I would put their emotional intelligence at that of a toddler throwing a temper tantrum.

  7. anonymous


    Anyone else know protality is just ensure max repackaged?

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