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  1. anonymous

    Tanking Stock

    Very sad to see the company go down like this. There’s so many wonderful people who have worked tirelessly for years to see it all go down the drain; first to toxin leadership and now to careless leadership. I hope those who have dedicated their...

  2. anonymous


    The IFU is on the tyres mate. Cheers

  3. anonymous

    Pitiful, Pathetic, Pinnacle

    Toxic work culture at its finest= DSO. Or shall we just call this cesspool the Hunger Games. I need to get out of here while I still have a conscience and before we all start getting blackballed within the industry like Warner Chilcot

  4. anonymous

    New hire training

    In general, how long is a newly hired rep at your company on board before attending their first formal (training center/home office based) training class? This is not the "abridged training" we know many companies complete in the field....

  5. anonymous

    Town hall this Friday! here comes the third wave

    wait… Bayer is going bankrupt? lol idon’t you pay attention to the market? I mean our stocks are $7.50 which is far below when we went public entering the market. Our Rounduo lawsuits are relentless close to 15 Billion a year and we cannot seem...

  6. anonymous

    Teva is number 1 again

    https://www.biospace.com/article/9-top-biopharma-ceo-employee-pay-gaps/ Highest CEO to worker pay ratio in the industry. The gap is so wide because Teva has the lowest median pay of companies that made the list.

  7. anonymous

    Davide Piras

    Some of the derm reps have major similar side hustles. There was a side meeting at the POA for discussing such ventures. Ask around. You will learn more. Nice way to stick it to BMS.

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