B-Russell Sprout the hatchet man for Derm

The guy was an absolute joke to the academic team. His nickname was "Cuck Russell" and it was given to him by some of the women on the team! This little weasel made his whole career sucking up to anyone who was up the chain from him. No backbone and a complete liar. Doesn't know the tiniest bit about the word honesty.

I remember this guy from back in the day. Showed up out of nowhere and thought he was the cats ass.

spent all of his time kissing up to people and doing virtually nothing.

Given this is what survives at JNJ, it’s no surprise the company is in the state it’s in.

You are all losers and envy me. With my numerous p-club earnings from being the one and only RBD eligible to win, I was able to buy a mail order bride, and my sperm is still potent at age 65 to give me a child younger than my grand children.

B-russel sprout

I've got some great stories about the Sprouts, as his affectionate name was. Remember when that dumb chick Jen was so giddy because he had given her his private cell number? Then she found out he had like nine cell phones and was giving his private numbers to the other women on the team too! She was so mad that she admitted that standing behind him was like standing in back of a porta potty on Saint Patrick's day, but after everyone ate beans!
Those were fun days. I remember a bunch of women seeing him at P Club and saying they thought someone had plucked a chicken, a chicken with boobs! We loved that one too.

Met this guy in person for the first time last week at a sales meeting. Clueless Kool aid drinker. If he is our solution for Skyrizi kicking our ass we are worse off than I realize.

bRussell Sprout Bob is much worse than XRay Andrews. This company doesn't know how to hire good leaders. Tremfya was first to market and will get beaten by Abbvie with Skyrizi. Remicade was first to market and also beaten by Abbvie with Humira. No coincidence.

This company is clueless, everyone just out for themselves no cares about anything else. They are too scared to do anything, not vision, no investments, no clue. We always get out performed by our competitors , scared of our own shadow. Everyone trying to be a hero and yet reps get used as pawns daily.

After today's article on LinkedIn, and the book coming out, his legacy of lying will be forever used as one of the worst management approaches ever. "The Brussel Sprouts Management Disaster."