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    I'd like the answer to that question, too.

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    For you guys that like pantyhose, think about these not so sexy aspects of wearing them. Bare legs rule.

    -have you seen an average sized girl/woman in pantyhose? The color is uneven at the top and there are folds of the nylon because they never fit right. Also, there is a not so sexy crotch panel.

    -pantyhose make you sweat more, are you a fan of a sweaty crotch?

    -many pantyhose have a control top, which is basically a form of a girdle. Is that sexy?

    -bare legs mean there is nothing but skin and panties under that skirt or dress. Is that not sexier than peeling off sweaty pantyhose that often leave welts on the skin around the waist?

    Pantyhose are nasty! Tights are okay.
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    Obviously you are buying cheap pantyhose! Good quality hose is just like good quality suits or for that matter any attire. I wear pantyhose during fall, winter, and spring. Thigh highs in the summer due to heat. I am ashamed of the trampy looking Reps I see on a daily basis. If you want to be perceived as a professional act like one and also dress like one! Wolfords rule but there are a lot of good quality hosiery out here. I agree the Sex and the City look is so skanky and out of fashion. Pantyhose finish my attire with a nice sheer look.
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    Kate Middleton wears them. Panty hose are class and polish.
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    I am 27 and if I am wearing closed toe shoes with a skirt/dress you can bet I will also have on hose! I know not a lot of women my age do the same...even at church! (and I go to a very traditional church)

    It is the easiest instant tan possible during those winter months!
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    Great. The cross dressing metrosexual who wears women's undergarments under his suit is back! Talking to himself again. Dude, you're gay, deal with it. Not that there's anything wrong with it.
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    Perhaps this is geographical. I am in SoCal and you would be a freak if you wore hose. It's basically all about self awareness and what is appropriate in your demographic. The quality and cost, as one poster mentioned, are not the issue. $40 hose still make you sweat and produce uneven color. Additionally, we are reps, not socialites. How many expensive pair will you go through before you realize nobody cares?
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    I am 28 and female and wear them everyday to work. I know they give me a more refined professional look. I receive compliments from my customers how well dressed I am and I think it pays off in accessing difficult offices. I am embarrassed how trampy a lot of my peers look and I don't really care what anyone thinks. If you want to show off blemished bruised and bare legs go legs look fantastic bare and professional and refined in hosiery.
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    only dinosaurs stuck in 90’s still wear pantyhose to work. The world has changed, that goes for the workplace too. don’t you feel a little condescending clip-clopping into your offices with your pencil skirt & hose & ridiculous shoes, trying to sell your shitty drugs to people wearing scrubs? They already hate you before you even walk in the door, you think that get-up is going to make you seem more professional? No, it’s just going to give them something to laugh at after you leave.

    Time to retire, dinosaurs. You can wear your stockings & Ms. Doubtfire orthopedic shoes to play bridge every day & you’ll fit in just fine.
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    Female reps in my area seldom wear dresses anymore. You can’t even tell they are reps except for a sample bag. Shame on them!
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    sometimes, yes
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    sounds like you're stuck in 1991. i dress business casual--most of my wardrobe is casual J-crew & flats. I carry a very discreet laptop/sample bag that looks like a large purse. No name tag, ever. You know why i dress like this, genius? its bc when some dipchit rep dressed in a pencil skirt and high heels dragging along a wheelie suitcases waltzes into an office full of disgruntled sick patients who've been waiting longer than they planned bc doc and his staff are behind that day...and those patients see that dipchit rep go to the check in counter and then immediately gain entrance to the know who the patients take it out on? The front office staff. and then the nurses in the back. and sometimes the doc himself. bc in their mind, the dipchit rep has just cost them more time waiting in the lobby. but hey, atleast she's dressed to the nines, right?

    the patients have no concept of the fact that the dipchit well-dressed rep is only gonna get 5 secs with the doc after waiting 30 mins in the lobby. so out of consideration for the waiting patients and the doctors staff, i dress as professional as possible without looking like your stereotypical Merck rep circa 1990, bc when i check in at the front desk and then go back, for all those patients know..i'm just another patient or a relative of a patient back there.
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    Wear it like a Boss.