Sapio Sciences launches new drug discovery platform

October 9, 2023

Sapio Sciences, a science-aware™ lab informatics platform company, announced the launch of the Sapio Chemistry solution, which brings together small-molecule and large-molecule discovery workflows on a single platform. Built on the same no-code platform as Sapio’s existing large-molecule discovery electronic lab notebook solution, Sapio Chemistry enables scientists to draw insights across all of their organization’s discovery experiments.

“Many organizations are still running decades-old electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) and other software for capturing chemical synthesis experiments and registering small molecules,” said Kevin Cramer, president and CEO of Sapio Sciences. “Large-molecule and small-molecule discovery have traditionally been managed on disparate systems, creating artificial islands that impede scientific collaboration and decision-making. Sapio is excited to give biopharma organizations the opportunity to consolidate all their chemistry experiments on a modern, unified lab platform.”

Sapio Chemistry helps chemistry teams and their colleagues in other lab departments, such as analytical core facilities and screening labs, work together more effectively. It also works with contract research organizations. Sapio Chemistry's advanced search features make it easy for everyone on the team to access the latest project data. Out-of-the-box templates make it easy to record and share chemistry experiments, including the reaction, reagents, solvents, and products. Sapio Chemistry also includes advanced features for managing samples and inventory, using the strong sample-handling features built into the Sapio platform

What this means for the pharmaceutical industry

The Sapio Chemistry solution is a significant development for the pharmaceutical industry, as it has the potential to streamline and improve the drug discovery process. Sapio Chemistry can help scientists to:

  • Improve collaboration and communication between different teams

  • Gain faster insights into their data

  • Make more informed decisions about their research

  • Reduce the time and cost of drug discovery

For example, Sapio Chemistry's advanced search capabilities can help scientists to quickly find and analyze data from all of their experiments, regardless of whether they were performed on small molecules or large molecules. This can help them to identify patterns and trends that they might not otherwise have seen. Additionally, Sapio Chemistry's configurable templates can help scientists to standardize their data capture and sharing workflows, which can further improve collaboration and efficiency.


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