Launch of Unprecedented Biotech Data Resource

November 12, 2020

Rutland, Massachusetts - Scopic is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest product, Biotecharts. This website provides industry professionals a unique look at the biotech market by bringing together data from sources across the industry. Access is now free for a limited time. 

The idea for Biotecharts was hatched when the Scopic team noticed that although biopharmaceutical market data was extensive, there wasn’t a place for biotech professionals to effectively view and analyze such information. Biotecharts is the first resource of its kind and a long-awaited solution for the industry.

Biotecharts offers detailed drug revenue charts for biotech traders, analysts, advisors, content producers, and enthusiasts. These versatile charts are exclusive to Biotecharts and provide invaluable guidance for biotech product planning, revenue forecasting, financial biopharma analytics, market commentary, and biotechnology investing.

Once logged in, Biotecharts users gain full access to all data and can view charts by specific categories or factors, select the chart size, and even download data for later use. The charts that are now officially live include fastest growing drugs, fastest declining drugs, cumulative drug revenues by company, cumulative drug revenues by class, hot drugs, major biopharma drugs and specialty drug market. These charts are updated quarterly to continually provide pertinent and useful biotech information.

The entire Biotecharts model is currently free of cost. 

Biotecharts is dedicated to helping industry pros make biotech investment decisions today and to effectively plan and forecast for the future of the industry of tomorrow. To see this invaluable tool in action, visit

About Scopic

Scopic is one of the world's largest virtual software development and digital marketing agencies. Their global team of highly skilled coders and marketers boasts over a decade of experience in developing high-quality software and offering top-notch marketing services. Founded in 2006 with innovation as its driving force, the team is always on the hunt for exciting growth opportunities. Ideas like Biotecharts have come to fruition through Scopic’s constant drive to innovate across industries. 

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