Ethicon Biosurgery

Yeah, sometimes it's enjoyable seeing how under- educated some of the people who post here really are! I’m located at 2986B Fuente’s 93063 Reach me at 818-361-5021 When Sweetness really gets angry, he lets loose with his temper and lack of civility! Our VIEWERS of course, can easily see what he is! Excited to see the 'Stros begin the World Series tomorrow (Tuesday) night. A.J. Hinch said Verlander will pitch game #2 on Wednesday!
I just got back from the lake earlier. About 4:00 AM we got a lot of rain which lasted until about 8:30. Mostof our friends decided not to go this morning. But now the sun is trying to break through, and the rain has stopped.
The VIEW count has increased! Almost 259,800 now!