Do I have a potential case?


Quick question, I am a medical provider, I was being harrassed and discriminated at work by my boss, went out on FMLA for an unrelated reason, complained to CEO and HR about said hardships while on FMLA, also complained of billing concerns I had because I believe they were billing for services they didn’t perform, and then I was fired for work performance issues when my FMLA was over. I also did ask them right out if they fired me for whistleblowing and I have all of this documented.

Are alcoholics protected?

I work for an organization that allows toxic behavior From one sales rep at meetings and other events for past 5 years. Literally rep has passed out, dragged to her room by other colleagues, fallen drunk, placed in someone else hotel room to avoid more throw up on hotel hallway, she’s thrown up during dinner meetings, witness her passed out on table at daily meeting in front of all colleagues and managers and outside clients, and more. I have attended national meetings and this rep name has been mentioned by clients in negative way by witness of her behavior at their hosted events. But nothing is done and she remains employed. My other colleagues frown upon the actions and avoid her at all causes. But why does leadership do nothing.

I worked for a company where a male rep has been inappropriate with numerous female physicians and female staff & been banned from offices. Physicians have alerted the company of his improprieties and they allow him to stay yet they have fired female employees for far less?