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  1. anonymous

    Salix sales grew 28% last quarter

    It's all smoke and mirrors. They have a tendency to report things that appear to be positives, like non-gaap cash ebitda or a new acquisition increase sales. What's hidden in the fine print is the fact that they combined some existing products to...

  2. anonymous

    I'm really afraid

    I've lived my life caring about others, trying to make a difference, helping the disadvantaged, contributing to society. Now we see racism rising, the KKK and alt-right manipulating the media to bring Trump facism to the presidency. Friends we...

  3. anonymous

    NV Biomeds DOS

    She took her main squeeze wtih her to Indy. That blew up and he left town in the middle of the night. Yep, she learned a lot. But as long as she has DR wrapped around her little pinky she will always be safe.

  4. anonymous

    Legit questions for Card team D-day

    CHECK YOUR STATE LAW! Then get what you deserve! Don't ask on CF !

  5. anonymous


    for a 9 year big pharma vet like yourself - we'll bump your base from 35K to 44K - improve your car from a Yugo to a nice Ford Fusion - and offer 3K of bonus per quarter. We are committed to fully valuing the tremendous experience you will bring...

  6. anonymous

    Chickens Come Home to Roost

    Any person still working in pharma for more than mad money is crazy. This industry has been going down the toilet for 6+ years. If you have a wealthy spouse and don't really care if you get laid off then it's a fine job. Nobody who needs a job...

  7. anonymous

    Keytruda Sales

    I will partake in a lovely party today at the prestigious country club all supported by my last company funds for the year. The activity will help slide into the new year number one.

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