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  1. anonymous

    I am a Rock Star Manager

    rock star manager I hope they don't cut your ass. You are the only thing keeping us going. We need you.

  2. anonymous

    Few reps hit 2016 quota?

    I was told only 30-something reps out of about 250 hit quota at this company. That is really terrible in this industry. That's less than 1 in 5 reps! What's going on here? I was thinking of interviewing but I don't want to mess my resume /...

  3. anonymous

    People leaving

    You may leave any time you like. I vote for sooner rather than later.

  4. anonymous

    F S&N forever

    Looks like someone could use a Snicker bar. Hangry much?

  5. anonymous

    Neos Contract

    Find new jobs you work for a turd sandwich of a company.

  6. anonymous

    early failures??

    And I'm sure there was no oversight in that testing in house. Conspiracy theory anyone?

  7. anonymous

    How to Make Pfizer Great Again!

    Spot on! These lazy f's don't know what real work is, especially the men!

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