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  1. anonymous

    Chad Thieman

    What happened? Where is he going?

  2. anonymous


    I thought this thread would be about reverse discrimination at NNI

  3. anonymous

    Paul plays favorites eh?

    You must be fucking kidding? No offense but you'll never get another job in pharma once we get bought out. Look at your product experience: B12 deficiency? Migraine nasal spray? You should be thankful the dickhead upper management team HANDED...

  4. anonymous

    Question for sales force

    Really?. Are you seriously defending the justification for HS reps. . The ones in my town are assigned "no see systems". It's not about entering into OSS. It's about paying reps to sit on their ass !

  5. anonymous

    Uromedica - incontinence

    ProACT is approved by FDA as of November 2015 It looks like it may be readily available in USA commercially by end of 2016.

  6. anonymous

    Private payers? The media has no clue what is really going on behind the scenes

  7. anonymous


    Sales don't support this meritless argument Bud. We've heard that for years yet Oasis sales continue to erode. So much so that's its an oversight in whomever's bag you put it in.

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