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  1. anonymous


    Replying to yourself doesn't convince people sweetheart.

  2. anonymous

    Swaying to the [Project] SYMPHONY of Destruction...

    Shoulda PUT someone other than Bill Berry on this project

  3. anonymous


    Great morale booster with 5 regions being told they no longer get the team trip. Oh yeah by the way, ltc was overstated so good luck with that this year

  4. anonymous

    Product launch? New sales force?

    Looks like they are still doing some interviews this week.

  5. anonymous

    Praluent is Fine

    Whatever, we will all soon find out how the market reacts. Now go sell something.

  6. anonymous

    Rob behee surgical

    And guess what? No one cares, friend.

  7. anonymous

    Hospital Sales Team

    and you, ma'am, are the fly that eats the turd. 33 of those pages are from people who work for the people they attack; under the cowardly guise of anonymity. or better yet, were not wanted by those people. you must be the former.

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