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  1. anonymous

    We want to know which ET members go !

    Jakob - Please, you owe us that. They got us here. Take action.

  2. anonymous

    Don't worry Bevespi will make up for Brilinta

    Really? Sounds pretty accurate to me. BTW, what kind of douche responds to a thought out posting w/ one line w/o backing it up?

  3. anonymous

    Meeting invites going out!!!!

    It's really happening. Good luck everyone!

  4. anonymous

    Fleet heard you and making changes 2017

    What are the options for people with bigger families?

  5. anonymous

    So when does the defined benefit pension plan get cut or changed?

    Make no mistake about it, J&J will continue to make significant changes and reductions in benefits to both current and former employees. I think those currently covered or grandfathered for future coverage under the retiree medical plan are in...

  6. anonymous

    Toxic Culture Continues!

    Another cry baby post. Pathetic.

  7. anonymous

    Tanzeum a hard sell?

    just do the best you can. if the manager is a nut job, look for another job. the product is very good, and if you don't think that, you don't understand the product and the disease state.

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