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    Oops, Sunovian ;)

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    Is Novo Nordisk culture similar to Uber

    Former Novo. I had a good experience personally, but left due to a new opportunity. Never trust these hotlines. In any organization, they are there to minimize risk. Period. NN pays legal as well as HR. That is who they answer to. Never forget...

  3. anonymous

    Ann Gugino said "That was awesome!" after third qrt conference call

    After delivering dismal 3rd qrt earnings, Scott Anderson gave a teary tribute to Pete Frechette. It was announced that the stock holder call was completed, and then you hear a cheery "That was awesome" from Ann. What gives? Is it all an act?

  4. anonymous

    Anyone know if OnCall is still in business?

    I had heard of some their shady dealings. Wow, how did I get involved with that bunch of crooks. Agree with you that they are a business built on a foundation of lies. Cannot believe I was one of those who fell for it. Said something about this...

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    Medical meeting

    Nobody said she wasn't here. They said she took down YOUR name then kicked YOUR lazy pot head ass out the door.

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    AL fired in CA!!!

    i heard AK was fired in CA last week. Anyone know why?

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