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  1. anonymous

    Fuck off Maris

    Maris is a hack. He scours message boards for information he puts in his stupid reports. Next time, mention that you heard about the "industry speculation" on Cafe Pharma ya fucking shithead!

  2. anonymous

    Nevro or Nuvectra

    That's not going to happen. Nuvectra doesn't have the money for a large-scale trial. Even if they did, legit clinical trials are a double-edged might not get the results you were looking for. Just ask someone at SJM how their...

  3. anonymous

    Speciality Psych Sales Force.

    You also have to add in a larger (by 4K) targeted bonus. I know it is only a target that might not be paid but so is our present one.

  4. anonymous

    Anyone notice the Rainbow symbol in Salesforce?

    Be careful- your rich, white, male privilege is showing. Please leave if seeing a small rainbow bothers you so much. I'll take your job and do it better anyway.

  5. anonymous

    NSM thoughts

    I like Mark M too and agree he has made some great changes. That part about speaker programs though, not true for the central region. Lyon has a very different take on that.

  6. anonymous

    Is Novo Nordisk culture similar to Uber

    OMG. Do we have a similar problem?

  7. anonymous

    Therakos acquisition

    Completely clueless management, uninspired marketing and a dubious clinical strategy. Welcome to the doldrums!

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