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  1. anonymous

    Frank Sanders = POS

    Why are the posts removed? Thoughts about this clown?

  2. anonymous

    Sun Dermatology division

    The word at JBI is that Fabrri is considered a business Genius over there, the equivalent of a Steve Jobs. JNI is supposedly offering him millions to come back at national sales director, and a bidding war is going on. Hope we get him!

  3. anonymous

    Paul plays favorites eh?

    Hey jerk off, I launched Supprelin LA with 27 other spectacular representatives. We took a drug that had been expected by it's original company, Valera, to generate about 15 million dollars in sales max., look at the numbers and tell me who and...

  4. anonymous

    Virginia/VA Beach

    actually since the changeover from SN to BV it's over 80%. But who is really counting . I just met at the nsm 4 new reps whose qualifications are barista. Oh, and tight tops.

  5. anonymous
  6. anonymous

    Channel Account Directors

    So how much $ may I expect? what is the difference between rep salary and channel salary? I heard a new one is in every office.

  7. anonymous

    Primary Care in 2017?

    Heard Amgen Neuro courting Endo sales rep, could be another vacancy soon in Sacramento. What the hell is going on.

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