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  1. anonymous

    Len/Ev RCC....Flat

    Not surprising but Len/Ev is not flying off the shelfs...4th line at best. Can't we ever have a good product to sell??? This place sucks!

  2. anonymous

    The most annoying thing about GSK, they guy that calls everyone "Sparky" on cafepharma

    Admit it, crybaby. You have a thin skin and can't handle it. The comments made about you are regarding your behavior and not about the company. If you can't handle the criticism, then stop posting. Otherwise, it is fair game for anyone to...

  3. anonymous

    Advair contract to end April 1st?

    What source do you have to say the contract is ending ?

  4. anonymous

    How to Make Pfizer Great Again!

    That's what you have your mommy do for you every day. Proud of yourself? Asshole.

  5. anonymous


    This is great "fake news"! The only substantial sales was loading the wholesalers. Nice try again Gorilla boy.

  6. anonymous

    2 day's for a conference call, yeah right-LAYOFFS!!

    GREAT to know. I have a few things on Verticle doing illegal things or asking us to do illegal things. I think I'll call up Avion and share this. They have to money and lawyers to help bring this to light. I'm praying that Avion takes verticle...

  7. anonymous

    Tracy-Ann Get The Ax?

    She was so infamous, we knew about her in other regions!! A real doozy..

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