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  1. anonymous

    I TOLD YOU SO....

    Maybe I'm just dull but help me understand how expanding TN by 29 reps avoids any lawsuits? You either need them or you don't. Not to mention employing those additional reps for 6 months until this June layoff you referenced. Not trying to beat...

  2. anonymous

    ESS team is trash

    Uhh no one runs this division that's he problem. No leadership

  3. anonymous

    Should i stay in gastro-uro?

    Its a bad Hail Mary pass man. Start headen for the locker rooms

  4. anonymous

    sales support rep

    The overall comp is 55k plus $300 car allowance per two week pay period and up to 20k annually in bonuses, so I'm not sure where the 120-175k comes from, unless they meant for a TM position or they're including your health benefit premiums....

  5. anonymous


    Alcon Asia did it!

  6. anonymous

    Thoughts on Dave Ricks

    DR will change the culture at Lilly.

  7. anonymous

    GSK rep layoffs to follow...

    Standing with you and hoping more do before the US turns into a banana republic...Frightening

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