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  1. anonymous

    Fidia having layoff at end of December

    Fidia will be cutting some sales positions? Territories not selling Hymovis.

  2. anonymous

    SEC Sale of Company Document

    As my Manager always says: "I think we are in a good place." He is clueless! He drinks the koolaid every manager meeting!

  3. anonymous

    Worst Managers here?

    Managed Markets FDs are inept and incompetent, my AE could do their job with her eyes closed

  4. anonymous

    Is this really a company?

    Shit current products, nothing in the pipeline, and a leadership team of Merck flunkies to name just a few headwinds. ...I'm all in , I mean out. The leadership team is going to make Orexigen great again just like someone is lose I know. Just...

  5. anonymous

    Puffer Sales

    STFU!! Get back to the work! If you were any good at your job you would not have been so desperate to work at Avanir. Shut up and be thankful we hire lazy fools like you.

  6. anonymous

    Best Medical Liaison in Company

    Too much fluffing going on from MSO team

  7. anonymous

    Equal Pay for Equal Work

    Plenty of bad managers and poor leaders, but don't think the discrimination is behind it...stupidity and ego mainly.

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