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  1. anonymous

    Abbvie PIPs Increased By 50% In 2016

    ADVICE.....DONT SIGN PIP .....EVER ....Stand your ground ....20% of employees DONT sign it ....Abbvie banks on the 80% of scared sheep who cow tail and get scared ....In the eyes of HR That actually puts you in a better position legally for...

  2. anonymous

    What's going on here lately?

    let's go drink a quart of tang!

  3. anonymous

    2016 Merck Vaccine Division

    The smart CTL's and reps have already left to other account reps positions and reps positions knowing that the pharmacy division will be disbanded next year.

  4. anonymous

    It's Time to Terminate Thomas L. Lyon III and his suck up sidekick, Sean Swider too!

    Get rid of Loser Phil Lowery who also is worthless sitting in his cubicle producing useless spreadsheets. What a waste is salary.

  5. anonymous


    Can't get it up.

  6. anonymous

    Former SVP

    I don't know if she was there, we definitely didn't see here. But I agree with you - she ran the department for 10 years and you'd think she would have wanted to lead and support on a day like this. "SYOA - Save Your Own Ass"

  7. anonymous

    TP Orthodontics

    Wow, sad things have not changed at that place. Worked there years ago and it was the same story (and same pattern before I got to the company as well). Such a toxic and dysfunctional company. I wouldn't wish a job with TP on my worst enemy. They...

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