UPDATED: Ebola drug developer Tekmira trading halted after volatile trading day, then gets potential big news from FDA

August 7, 2014

Thursday, August 7 2014:  At 4:00 PM EDT, trading was halted for Tekmira Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: TKMR), pending news.  Tekmira has been working on a treatment for the Ebola virus for four years, and has a US government contract for developing the drug TKM-Ebola.  Although the drug has an FDA fast track designation, its clinical trials had recently been suspended due to safety issues.  Tekmira’s stock has been volatile with a huge drop earlier today after a competitor announced positive news.

The Ebola virus has been in the news lately as it has been infecting and killing a number of people in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.  Recently, the first American Ebola patients have been flown into the US for treatment after contracting the virus during aid work.

Sources:  Moneymorning.com, Yahoo/Business Insider

UPDATE, 5:00 PM EDT:  And here’s the news:  the FDA will allow the potential for clinical trials of TKM-Ebola to resume on infected patients.  More from Bloomberg.

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