PDS Biotechnology Files for $14 Million Offering

December 18, 2019

On 12/17/19 PDS Biotechnology filed the paperwork for a $13.8 million offering of its common stock. The New Brunswick, NJ based company is developing off-the-shelf cancer immunotherapies, based on its Versamune® platform. The company trades on NASDAQ under the symbol “PDSB.”

The clinical stage company claims that it is developing therapies that are designed to stimulate an antigen specific killer T-Cell response in a quantity and quality that significantly surpasses current approaches. Its Versamune platform is at the heart of its development process.

Versamune, a T-cell activating platform, is a proprietary multi-functional immunotherapy technology, "which has been developed to encompass the attributes of the most successful immunotherapy approaches, such as checkpoint inhibitors, CAR-T cells and live-vector based vaccines, etc., while also overcoming their shortcomings."

The company believes that the Versamune platform has the potential to become an industry leading technology and they expect significant value accretion as its developmental products progress through Ph II trials.

To support this belief, the company points to superior anti-tumor response of PDS0101 monotherapy (for the treatment of HPV-related pre-cancers and cancers) versus combinations of top competitors e.g. cancer vaccines + checkpoint inhibitors or chemotherapy was also demonstrated in preclinical studies.In a retrospective analysis, it was observed that 6 out of 10 evaluable patients experienced complete regression of their pre-cancerous lesions despite the fact that the HPV16 specific therapy was used on patients who were co-infected with multiple strains of the HPV virus.

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