Most popular news headlines for Monday, August 4 2014

August 4, 2014

Monday’s most-clicked front page news item was a list at First Word Pharma listing/discussing the industry’s biggest pipeline drugs in terms of forecasted global sales.  Bristol-Myers tops the lists with cancer treatment nivolumab.

The second most popular news item was “GSK gets a lift as Express Scripts reinstates lung drug Advair.”  The largest US PBM, Express Scripts, will reinstate the asthma/COPD treatment as an approved drug in the next year.

The Ebola virus is a hot topic right now, and the third most popular link reflects this.  Here’s the Biotech Company Whose Stock is Going Crazy Because of Ebola” discusses the roller coaster being experienced by Tekmira Pharmaceuticals.  The clinical trials for Tekmira’s Ebola treatment, TKM-Ebola, are currently on hold, but the FDA will allow new study proposals to be submitted.

The fourth most popular new item was “Private equity weighs $10B-plus combo of aging Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline brands.”  Fierce Pharma reports that several private equity firms have potential interest in purchasing older drugs from both Sanofi and GSK, potentially merging them into a single division.

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