Would you join the Alkermes team?

I’m in the process of interviewing. Would you join again if you knew what you know now? Good bad and ugly. Please share. Thank you.
No. Most of what you will read on this site is shockingly accurate, especially when it comes to lack of credible leadership, transparency, and the ability earn bonus money. People are nice enough initially, but you will soon see them for what they are....climbers who will go out of their way to step on your neck if it helps them in the least. The two primary products are old and tired and horribly mismanaged. The newest product is perceived as an expensive and marginally (emphasis on the term MARGINALLY) efficacious substitute for the original formulation.
If you ave nowhere else to go, come here. Ride it until something better comes along, then run like a scalded dog! Ask the interviewer to speak the turn-over rate over the past 2-3 years. If they tell you it is anything less than 40%, you are being lied to and should take that as a warning.
An adage for you: Caveat Emptor