Who is Chris Sweeney?

OK I will elaborate, 15 years with a sh*tty company like Forest means he is part of what made Forest the laughing stalk to pharma. However if you think Forest equates to great professionals then stay & see if you make it.

It's a lot easier to blame the company than yourself for how the things are. If you stay in the company you don't like for years, you've wasted all that time of your life.
If you don't like you job - change... If you stay at shitty company/job for years/decades, you are basically stupid because it's your choice

I agree. If you don't like him, call Dewey, Cheatem and Howe. They can represent you. They are very aggressive attnys. Been around forever. Since the Stooges days. Represented them in an episode or two. If they are good enough for Curly, don't you think they are good enough for you. They represented them in the episode Moe Howard called Curly Nd Zlarry Numskulls and poked them in the eyes and slapped them in the face. It was funny. It was the episode they were being chased for messing something up. It was hilarious. I think it was the episode where they were plumbers or painters or something in a haunted house or something. It was hilarious. You need to see this episode cause it was really funny. Hope this helps.

You are a complete imbecile for pleading to get genuine advice on an anonymous forum. Too focused on being a grammar Nazi to get the joke. Ok idiot here it is clear & simple “stalk” instead of “stock” was on purpose as it is a pun. I understand you are slow so here it is…Chris Sweeney the wonderful Forest ABD will “stalk” your every move hence the usage to the work “stalk” instead of “stock”. Since you are claiming to be with Actavis, you should fit right into the Forest. I mean the defunct company and not the wooded grounds, just so there’s no confusion.

I worked for Chris Sweeney for over 10 years and yes I am older than 40. What Chris doesn't put up with is lazy unskilled losers. Sort of like you for example. Let me guess you have been with multiple companies and its the same story your DM or area director were the problem. Didn't have anything to do with your lack of skill or bad work habits. Keep crying and complaining throughout your life and see how that works for you.