Stay Away from Diadexfucks

What I am most surprised is that this company is still alive. It's like a cat, but I think it's running out of lives. P Plewman has managed to squander over $150 million dollars on nothing but a promise.

The company has hired good and bad people and has rotated through them like crazy. Feel bad for the investors who lost so much money and for the good people who got lured away from good jobs in better companies. The Board is asleep. Plewman is clueless. The rest of the management group doesn't know what to do now.

Damn dissappointing to check in on this thread after a few months and see that not much new posted has been posted here. Oh well! I still have some pre-IPO shares I exercised when I left DDX in my rear view mirror; I hope they amount to something someday.

So diadexfucks did go public. DDXS. Stock at 30 cents a share but real good quarterly revenue numbers. PP was put out to pasture finally. Question to Bill. How do you text 539 with smartphones? What is the new code?

Anyone know where Carrol is these days? What about Hellman? I wonder what replaces 1078 on an iphone or even a blackberry. It was ingenious to take 539 and multiply it by 2. A great mind for a great manager.

They need some help prepping for Med D. Is Aaron available. He had that one covered. Also heard they may go for DARS, Glick can stop that. 1078.

Keep an eye on the waiver wire, shouldabeenbakeds