Purdue selling Durham Site to Novo Nordisk


Just the text from the communication sent to employees.....
NC meeting 8/5/19 at 930am then one on ones with Durham staff to notify if they have a job at the Wilson site.....

A Message from Craig

In support of our business strategy and ongoing efforts to strengthen and diversify the Purdue business, we have completed a thorough analysis of our manufacturing operations and capabilities. As a result of this evaluation, we have been working with Novo Nordisk, and together identified a potential transaction that will meet the needs of both companies. While financial details are not being publicly disclosed at this time, Novo Nordisk has purchased our Treyburn plant.

While recognized as a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for solid oral dose forms, Treyburn was constructed to provide redundancy and a backup facility for Wilson. Given the market dynamics and expected demand for our current portfolio of marketed products, the continued operation of Treyburn can no longer be justified. Further, a thorough analysis of Purdue’s current and future business requirements shows that with additional staffing and the continued leadership of personnel already in place, our Wilson facility is in a position to meet today’s product requirements as well as enable the growth strategy for Purdue and all of its subsidiaries going forward. With solid leadership and the continued contribution from our dedicated manufacturing personnel, business continuity will be unaffected, our overall manufacturing operations will be further optimized, and the overall business strengthened.

Following the close, we will lease back the Treyburn space from Novo Nordisk, occupy it through the fall, and plan to vacate the facility as of Dec. 1, 2019. Until that time, we will be operating in a “business as usual” manner. As we do with all business decisions, we must always keep in mind our obligations to the patients who benefit from our medicines, and to our employees, suppliers and other business partners. To ensure a smooth transition with no interruptions to supply, it is critical that we continue to do what we have always done – focus on customers and on safe and compliant day-to-day operations.

Finally, we recognize that we have been operating in an uncertain environment, and we are doing everything possible to maintain the health of the business to support a bright and sustainable future. In this regard, I want to assure you that we have ample liquidity and remain committed to meeting our obligations. We greatly appreciate your professionalism and dedication and will keep you informed in a timely manner as the process continues.