Ives laboratories - origin?

Rx History buff

I've been compiling a history of Rx companies - date founded, mergers, etc.

And I've been stumped by the origin of AHP's Ives Laboratories.

I realize that Ives Labs was an AHP division for many years (since about 1960 onward).

But does anyone know if there ever was an independent Ives Labs before being acquired by AHP?

Or was Ives simply a corporate creation?

In 1941 AHP bought International Vitamin Corp. (IVC)
In 1948 AHP renames IVC to International Vitamin Division of Ives-Cameron.
That is earliest mention of the Ives name I have seen.
In 1960 Ives laboratories name shows up in trademark literature.

Did AHP just create the "Ives-Cameron" division?
Or did AHP buy a company called Ives-Cameron?
Was there separate Ives and Cameron companies before that?

After more research, the most reliable information I have suggests that IVC (International Vitamin Corp) was the pre-cursor to Ives Laboratories. It appears that AHP simply renamed IVC to Ives-Cameron when AHP expanded IVC's mission beyond vitamins into pharmaceuticals. And it appears that AHP subsequently renamed Ives-Cameron to be Ives Laboratories.

I have found no indication of an independent pharmaceutical company called Ives Laboratories or Ives-Cameron prior to being acquired by AHP.

If anyone has more information on the early history of Ives (1930s and 1940s) it would be great if you could post it.