Interviewing w/Phadia/WSI

Agree with above, my kid tested no allergies with immunocap. We did an allergy consult anyway and found allergies existed as suspected. Just one example, but makes you wonder.

Looking for specific IgE to any allergen via in-vitro testing (blood) is like looking for a grain of sand on a large beach. Whether it be paper disc technology (RAST) or ImmunoCAP, it does not matter. It's not going to pick it up unless there are plenty of those grains available . . . . . . usually and only in a highly allergic individual. In-vitro will still be negative in most cases, with in-vivo (skin tests) being positive. Forego the expense of in-vitro.

Just curious as to how long docs offices will put up with patient's complaints about how much they are paying for the test. It just doesn't give much bang for the buck. I almost feel like saying, if it is negative go to an allergist. Have to fight it. Nice perks including being in top notch resort places.

Negative result of not using ImmunoCAP? Prescribe Xyrtec right? Remember PC docs!!! Sell me on this product. How does this sales force sell this? Is this schmooze all the way with dinners and the like?