Demotivating Managers



I would like to start a thread to pay tribute to the World's Most Demotivating Managers. These managers deserve a special place as they seem to be the pulse of every Medical Device/ Pharma company. When reps fail...what is a company to do? Well it seems that most companies decide to promote these bastards.

The first Nomination hails from Nashville Tennessee....... Shelby Mitchell come on down your the next contestant on Demotivating a Sales Rep.

It's been so nice having all the managers on vacation last 2 weeks or so. I am dreading the emails I am sure will start hitting bright and early tomorrow. It's a whole new year. Wonder what this year's theme will be?

My vote is for the guy who lost his team in OH, Walshy over at EWHU. A true pharma man, no self awareness, but can check off the boxes.

Come on..this guy is best friends with the woman (C4)who was partially responsible for the demise of this division in such a short period of time...He is the only person in the company that pronounces Adrians name with the mexican accent. He is happy to continue to run his reps out with demoralizing tactics. Out of his 7 reps 4 are actively interviewing to get out from under him.

Yes he sluuuurrrppppeeddddd his way into his position and will continue to Sluuuurrrrpppp all the way to the top.

he was a Rep in my division before he got promoted. he is all about himself. he constantly was :well I got Garish to do this and I got Garish to do that... well big boy...if it wasn't for Garish you wouldn't have done crap. his ego is far bigger than anything I can think of. plays the nice guy act, bit he sire isn't

Lets not leave out the west coast. KB gets my vote by making people spend hours on reports which are redundant to what is already available and conference calls which last 2-3 hours and achieve NOTHING.

Sean W has not lost his entire team, I for one support him, he may not be respected, but he is a good guy at heart. Stop all of these negative posts, he is doing his best ! He is still learning about device vs. pharma. Most of the team is trying to leave because of Sean, but he is still trying to understand the business.