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Versant Ventures today announced that Roche Holdings Inc. has acquired the Inception 5 program, focused on regenerative therapies for multiple sclerosis.

The acquisition is the culmination... read more

Wed, 04/4/18 - 08:48 am
CP Staff

On 4/3/2018, Denovo Biopharma LLC, announced dosing of the first patient in its pivotal Phase 3 ENGINE trial.   The ENGINE trial is a global, randomized, double-blind, registrational study... read more

Wed, 04/4/18 - 08:26 am
CP Staff

On 4/2/2018 Propeller Health and peer-reviewed healthcare journal, Health Affairs, published results from a cross-sector... read more

Tue, 04/3/18 - 12:31 pm
CP Staff

Allergan plc (NYSE: AGN), a leading global pharmaceutical company, and Gedeon Richter Plc., today announced positive topline results for RGH-MD-53, a Phase 3 study of cariprazine for the... read more

Tue, 04/3/18 - 09:08 am
CP Staff

There have been two citizen petitions (from two different companies) in the last two working days requesting that the FDA determine that Ditropan XL was not withdrawn from the market for reasons... read more

Mon, 04/2/18 - 05:25 pm
CP Staff

The text of H.R. 5298 is now available. When we first saw the full title of this bill it appeared that it would, if passed, result in all opioids that act at mu receptor agonists being classified... read more

Mon, 04/2/18 - 02:40 pm
CP Staff

Radius Health, Inc. (Nasdaq:RDUS) announced Friday (3/30/2018) that the company has initiated the Phase 3 ATOM (Abaloparatide Treatment for Osteoporosis in Males) study of abaloparatide injection... read more

Mon, 04/2/18 - 09:53 am
CP Staff

Prior to today's announcement, Alkermes management appeared confident in the data supporting the approval of ALKS 5461. Alkermes had planned for the company to grow its salesforce by as much as 70... read more

Mon, 04/2/18 - 09:33 am
CP Staff

Alkermes today announced that it received a Refusal to File letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding its New Drug Application (NDA) for ALKS 5461, a once-daily, oral... read more

Mon, 04/2/18 - 08:53 am
CP Staff

Eisai Submits Supplemental New Drug Application (sNDA) to FDA for FYCOMPA (perampanel) Pediatric Indications

Eisai Inc. announced Friday (3/30/18) that it has submitted a supplemental New... read more

Mon, 04/2/18 - 12:31 am
CP Staff

Today the FDA announced that the agency has determined that the site cafepharma.com is in fact a drug and will require the company to submit a full new drug... read more

Fri, 03/30/18 - 01:43 pm
CP Staff

DotLab announced the results from a new study showing that its endometriosis test, which aids in diagnosing the disease, has the potential to also be used to monitor disease progression and... read more

Thu, 03/29/18 - 11:13 pm
CP Staff

A newly published article in Nature Methods describes CDI Laboratories' participation in the NIH Protein Capture Reagents Program (PCRP... read more

Wed, 03/28/18 - 09:57 pm
CP Staff

If you have read a large number of FDA citizen petitions you might immediately answer no. Though if you have a fine appreciation of the absurd, you might chuckle when companies petition the FDA to... read more

Wed, 03/28/18 - 01:51 pm
CP Staff

Yext, Inc., today released new survey data on how patients are using voice search to find and engage with healthcare providers. The results show that voice search has become an important piece of... read more

Wed, 03/28/18 - 09:31 am
CP Staff

Lumenis announced the publication of meaningful new clinical evidence for its surgical intervention for patients with... read more

Tue, 03/27/18 - 09:44 am
CP Staff

Preliminary results for the TOPACIO trial (a Phase I/II trial) of Tesoro’s Zejula (niraparib) with Keytruda in women with platinum-resistant... read more
Mon, 03/26/18 - 02:38 pm

Ampio Pharmaceuticals announced today some partial results of a follow-up (3.4-3.7 years) trial evaluating Ampion™ for pain due to osteoarthritis-of-the-knee after the last Ampion or saline... read more

Mon, 03/26/18 - 09:45 am
CP Staff

Novartis announced Thursday that the full results from the Phase III EXPAND study of oral, once-daily siponimod (BAF312) in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS) were published in the... read more

Fri, 03/23/18 - 12:47 am
CP Staff

In July of 2012, Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against Forest Labs (now part of Allergan), on behalf of eleven female sales reps, as well as a class... read more
Thu, 03/22/18 - 03:44 pm


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