[sponsored] Speaker Book - The App That Exposes Conflicts of Interest in the Pharmaceutical Industry

July 17, 2018

SPEAKER BOOK APP is the platform where patients advocates, doctors, and biotech investors can look at conflicts of interest in Pharma to understand what is going on under the surface of medical news.

Features Speaker Book Offers:

Financial Receipts Tracker

In the government’s current open-payment system, disclosures of doctors’ conflicts of interest may be difficult to access and understand for some users.

Most medical meeting and societies are not transparent in showing physician's conflicts of interest. Their COI’s may be shown slide decks, sure, but the “disclosure” only consists of a bulleted list of companies- the extent of the doctor’s relationship with them is not given. This makes it difficult for physician peers, patient advocates, and even the press to understand the details surrounding doctor-company relationships.

Speaker book gives focus to doctors financial disclosures. It gathers all doctors’ conflicts of interest and presents them in detailed-graphs. The graphs show the ratio of money paid to the doctor by each company, when they were paid, and what they were paid for. This means if a doctor is praising a drug in a presentation or commenting on an article, you can identify any conflicts of interest that may be driving the doctors.

Real-Time Medical News Filter

To track medical news in real-time, Speaker book features a news filter. The filter presents social media discussion of top thought leaders. The Speaker book interaction user interface targets the discussion of thought leaders who deliver meaningful analysis on relevant medical topics.

Expert Algorithm

Speaker Book filters medical news through expert opinion. Patient advocates, consumers, and companies can be given access to expert-analysis of clinical trials, major medical conferences, and articles. It provides a platform to both understand and anticipate trends in pharma.

SpeakerBook's Statement

Speaker Book is a mobile application that provides access to pharmaceutical payments information of individual physicians. The application provides an effective graphical interface for the payments reported to the government by Pharma for use in the open payments database. The Sunshine Act created the Open payments database. Speaker Book brings the Sunshine Act data out of the shadows through a mobile interface. Speaker Book beta only includes the oncology data set of the 2016 Open payments database, with a news feed focus on the lung cancer social media discussions.

Speaker Book App available in the app store:     https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speaker-book/id1387979750?mt=8

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