[sponsored] Life Sciences Matchmaker SOURCE EXPLORER Passes 3,000-Client Milestone

May 28, 2019

Fort Worth, TX May 28, 2019 — SOURCE EXPLORER, a life sciences supplier search and matching service, announced today that it has accumulated over 3,000 clients and is taking a firm launch into the global marketplace. SOURCE EXPLORER counts some of the life science industry’s leading players in its portfolio, including Gilead, AstraZeneca, Roche, Mylan, Biogen, and Genentech.

“The company’s services will help save life science clients potentially months of lost time and unnecessary, costly mistakes by making sure that only the most appropriate, qualified service suppliers get hired for needed roles,” said SOURCE EXPLORER founder and CEO Kellan Barfield.

“Anyone can find a large agency that claims to do ‘everything,’” noted one customer from Abbott Diabetes Care. “However, when I am looking for a vendor that specializes in a particular skill, I don’t know where to start. Unless a colleague knows of a vendor in that space, I am stuck with high-priced agencies with general knowledge at best. Now, with SOURCE EXPLORER, I have a better way to search for the perfect partner.”

Source Explorer

SOURCE EXPLORER’S innovative search engine allows clients to filter by category.

What About the Usual Go-Tos?

When it comes to finding service suppliers, life science professionals generally turn to their personal network, an internal sourcing manager, or Google. With so many millions of choices, it can be hard to discern a true match from a close miss. Naturally, sifting through and following up on all appealing options takes time.

Alternatively, project owners could start their talent search with a sourcing network, which might then turn to an agency, which would then hire from their own base of service providers. Each of those talent search steps entail several rounds of back and forth communication between the parties. Resulting delays could span from weeks into months while introducing layers of cost-adding middlemen.

Like other major search platforms, SOURCE EXPLORER contains a broad spectrum of suppliers in search of clients. However, SOURCE EXPLORER focuses solely on life science services. Moreover, every listed supplier is vetted by SOURCE EXPLORER to eliminate false leads and save users time. Client companies can leave reviews on suppliers’ listings, and the platform is free to life science professionals.

SOURCE EXPLORER sorts providers primarily into categories around Marketing, Training, Leadership Development, Technology, and Event Planning, although there are other top-level categories, and every category has a range of sub-disciplines. For example, within Training, project owners may further sort for fields such as Product Launch, Sustainability, Gamification, Virtual Training, and more. With all the intuitive criteria offered, SOURCE EXPLORER users can link directly to a finely sorted list of excellent supplier candidates in minutes — for free.

Source Explorer

Clients can view each supplier's sub-specialties in the overview section.

For providers, SOURCE EXPLORER offers multiple service tiers and subscription durations. Plans start at $349 for 30 days. Higher-level tiers provide access to valuable webinars, additional networking opportunities, “spotlight” content positioning on the website, and additional benefits.

Other key SOURCE EXPLORER features include:

  • Fast, detailed tracking of client activity. Every move a client makes within a supplier profile gets tracked, including video views, category and sub-category navigation, keyword use, and more, providing suppliers with deep insight that can lead to profile optimization.
  • A unique, embedded PPT upload and viewing tool to showcase the supplier’s portfolio.
  • An internal messaging conduit linking clients with suppliers from inside the platform.
  • Intelligent search results based on strong logic that place the most relevant suppliers at the top.
  • Relevant sub-specialty viewing. While each supplier may have many sub-specialties across several categories, when a client searches for a particular category, they will see only the sub-specialty relevant to their search in order to cut out noise in results.

Barfield notes that SOURCE EXPLORER is growing its client list by over 20 signups per day. The last two quarters were profitable, and all signs continue to indicate that Barfield’s observations were spot on: The life sciences field desperately needs a more efficient means of linking project owners and suppliers, and SOURCE EXPLORER has at last delivered the medicine for the industry’s malady.

“I have a diverse background with both major companies and small start ups,” noted a VP client at Sight Sciences. “Locating the ‘perfect/best fit’ agency or vendor for projects is always a huge challenge. The worst is thinking you have found a ‘diamond in the rough’ and they turn out to be a huge failure. This usually happens because we really never have the time to put the right amount of effort in vendor searching. Doing an RFP would take hiring someone just for that purpose, and we know that will not happen. This is an area in which most people, regardless of role in an organization, could use assistance from SOURCE EXPLORER.”


SOURCE EXPLORER  is a woman-owned technology company providing a supplier search engine that connects life science professionals in the fields of pharma, biotech, or medical devices to the specialty suppliers they need for everything from training and marketing to recruiting and operations. SOURCE EXPLORER plays a role in the patient’s journey by creating greater efficiency for individuals working in life science organizations who need partners for their next project.  SOURCE EXPLORER’s business model, aimed at helping the life science industry increase visibility and connections while reducing overall expenses, has proven to be exactly what the life sciences industry needs. For more information, visit https://www.sourceexplorer.com/.



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