Recent Job Ratings on Cafepharma - Stryker, Kowa, IQVIA ($SYK, $IQV)

Cafepharma provides an opportunity for its users to rate their jobs. Users are invited to rate how they are feeling about their jobs right now, using a seven point scale (1- I hate my job to 7-I love my job), along with the reason behind the rating, their job title, industry, and company. Three recent ratings were for med device company Stryker, Japan-based Kowa Pharmaceuticals, and contract company IQVIA (formerly Quintiles).

Stryker ($SYK), a Fortune 500 company based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, sells orthopedic implants and surgical equipment, and has been in the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For eight years running. Our user may not agree with this, however. The user, a joint replacement rep, rated the job 4 on our 7 point scale, and explained, “Just promoted (hence the 4) but it is a fake and toxic environment. Do not believe what you hear, going to crash soon.”

A quick review of the cafepharma Stryker message board indicates other users may have concerns about the company, including questions about the wisdom of Stryker’s MAKO Surgical buyout, as well as the future outlook for the Stryker spine division. Stryker purchased MAKO Surgical in late 2013, and has integrated sales of their robotic arms for robot-assisted joint replacement surgery. 

Kowa Pharmaceuticals America is the American division of privately-held Kowa Company, Ltd. (headquartered in Japan). Kowa Pharma was established in 2008, and focuses on cardiometabolic diseases. They are known for Livalo, a statin medication. Our user, a sales rep, rated the job a 2 on the 7 point scale, and said, “Micromanaging, inflexible routing, unrealistic goals with low bonuses, condescending atmosphere.” Livalo has recently gone generic, and branded generics are available this year. The cafepharma Kowa message board shows the concern of employees about this issue.

IQVIA ($IQV) is a multinational biopharma outsourcing company. They were rebranded from Quintiles IMS in November of last year. In addition to contract research services, the company provides contract sales forces for various biopharma companies. A review of the cafepharma IQVIA Sales message board shows recent discussions about contracts for Janssen, Novartis, and Deputy-Synthes, among others. The user, a contract sales rep, rated the job as 3 out of a possible 7, explaining “Contract sales. Very reactionary. No long term strategies.”

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