Cyclica Partners with Bayer to Advance its AI-Augmented Network of Cloud-Based Technologies

Cyclica announced on 11/26/18 a collaboration with Bayer to advance drug discovery programs by gaining insights into the polypharmacological profiles of small molecules, while further evolving Cyclica’s integrated network of enabling technologies. Cyclica is a member of Bayer's G4A program that provides guidance to innovative life science companies.

Through a multi-phase collaboration, Cyclica will provide its cloud-based proteome screening Ligand Express platform to investigate the off-target profiles of small molecules, apply its novel and proprietary advanced AI technology to create state-of-the-art predictive models for pharmacokinetic properties, and leverage its first-in-class Differential Drug Design (DDD) technology for multi-targeted drug design.

Cyclica is based in Toronto and provides a platform that takes a “drug centric” approach to development. Its Ligand Express platform “focuses on a drug's polypharmacology — all the proteins it interacts with — to provide insights into repurposing efforts, target identification, lead prioritization, and adverse effect elucidation.”