Top 5 viewed boards for week ending March 3, 2018

March 4, 2018

For the week ending Saturday, March 3, 2018, these were the top five most viewed boards on the cafepharma forums:
  1. Daiichi-Sankyo - job cuts were reportedly being announced. The thread “Reorg” included many of these discussions. 
  2. Shire - a national sales meeting was happening this week, and many discussions surrounded these issues. A popular thread was simply titled “NSM."
  3. Allergan - a lot has been happening with Allergan lately, including the FDA delaying its decision on Esmya, a uterine fibroid drug, after European regulators announced an investigation into the liver safety of the drug. Additionally, this ongoing thread about the Allergan/Valeant takeover discussion has been revived.
  4. Amgen - here we see discussions about Praluent, the potential for Amgen battling Pfizer for Celgene, and more.
  5. Sanofi - rounding out the top 5, Sanofi apparently also had a POA meeting this week. Here is a thread with some point-by-point critique of the meeting.

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