Personalis Updates $122 Million IPO Filing

June 7, 2019

Precision immuno-oncology medicine company, Personalis, updated their IPO filing on 6/7/19. The company plans to offer 6,666,667 shares and raise up to $122+ million. Personalis plans to trade on NASDAQ under the symbol “PSNL.”

The company provides advanced genomic sequencing and analytics solutions to support the development of personalized cancer vaccines and other next-generation cancer immunotherapies. They have developed two platforms to cancer treatment and therapy development efforts.

Their ACE ImmunoID is describes as a comprehensive immunogenomics platform that enables researchers to overcome the following challenges of complex immuno-oncology research:

  •     Discovery of neoantigens, biomarkers, and genomic signatures.
  • Determining rational personal cancer vaccine design.
  • Understanding the potential mechanisms of tumor escape.
  • Elucidating the tumor microenvironment.

The ImmunoID NeXT Platform is designed specifically to aid the development of more efficacious cancer immunotherapies. To help increase patient response rate of checkpoint blockade therapies, the platform provides a multidimensional view of a tumor and its tumor microenvironment (TME) from a single sample.


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