Novo Nordisk Launches Innovation Platform in China

March 8, 2019

Danish pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk has launched an innovation platform called "Innovo" to advance  its innovation capabilities in China through alliances with local universities and hospitals, pharmaceutical startups, and incubators.

"We believe the establishment of a long-term sustainable and win-win ecosystem will effectively stimulate the vitality of innovation," said Lars Fogh Iversen, senior vice-president of the company's Global Research Technologies unit, during a launch ceremony in Beijing on Wednesday.

Su Jing, president of Novo Nordisk Research Center China, said the company plans to partner with 100 universities, startups and incubators over the next year for ideas and projects with great potential.

Su said the center will provide unique value to partners, because of Novo Nordisk's deep patient knowledge, its expertise in drug discovery and development, and its unique manufacturing capabilities.

The program will focus on innovative treatments for diabetes and other chronic conditions the company specializes in, such as obesity, cardiovascular and chronic kidney diseases. The company will also consider innovative technologies in other fields.

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