Microbiome Report for the week ending 7-7-18

July 10, 2018

Nextbiotix raises $8 Million in Series A round
Nextbiotix is developing microbiome-based therapies using single microbial strains that interact with human cells in the gut. Acting more effectively on immunomodulatory pathways, they are intended to treat patients suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases. Read more here

Published in Science:
Researchers examined the oral and gut microbiome of melanoma patients undergoing anti–programmed cell death 1 protein (PD-1) immunotherapy (n = 112). Significant differences were observed in the diversity and composition of the patient gut microbiome of responders versus nonresponders. Analysis of patient fecal microbiome samples (n = 43, 30 responders, 13 nonresponders) showed significantly higher alpha diversity (P < 0.01) and relative abundance of bacteria of the Ruminococcaceae family (P < 0.01) in responding patients.

World Microbiome Day was June 27th http://worldmicrobiomeday.com/

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