HitGen and Merck Expand Collaboration to Build Novel DNA-Ecoded Libraries for Drug Discovery

July 30, 2018
  • HitGen also recently announced collaboration with Sanofi
  • The company's DNA Encoded Libraries contain more than 200 billion drug like compounds

HitGen Ltd. Announced on 7/30/18 that the company has extended and expanded its agreement with MSD, known as Merck & Co., Inc, Kenilworth NJ., USA into a multi-year research collaboration and license agreement to build and screen novel DNA-encoded libraries (DELs) in order to discover potential unique small molecule assets to be used in drug discovery and development. Through the collaboration, HitGen and MSD scientists will apply HitGen’s advanced technology platform and research capabilities in the design, synthesis, and screening of multiple proprietary DELs for MSD’s drug discovery efforts. In addition, HitGen will interrogate their own DELs, consisting of hundreds of billions of compounds, against a selected number of MSD’s therapeutic targets. Novel lead compounds from the HitGen DELs will be licensed exclusively to MSD for further research and development. MSD will support the research at HitGen.

“We are delighted to announce the expansion and extension of this collaboration with MSD. Our scientists will continue to work closely together to design and build proprietary DELs to support the discovery of a new generation of medicines to address unmet clinical challenges. This collaboration reflects HitGen’s capabilities, expertise, and flexibility to develop business models to meet the needs of our collaboration partners, and provides insight into the success of our initial target-based collaboration,” said Dr. Jin Li, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of HitGen.

HitGen, based in Chengdu, China has established a unique platform for drug discovery research. Their DNA encoded chemical libraries (DELs) contain more than 200 billion novel, diverse, drug-like compounds.

In addition to its partnership with Merck, the company announced a discovery research collaboration http://www.hitgen.com/enxiandao/index.php?s=/Home/Article/detail/id/455.... with Sanofi. The company also has received approval for an IND by the CFDA.


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