Company Brings Augmented Reality to Physician Detailing

April 10, 2019

OZ, a global consulting company enhancing customer experiences through digital innovation, recently launched a first-of-its-kind application that brings an augmented reality (AR) environment to physician Detailing.

AR-Detailing will enable biopharma sales representatives to have a much more immersive detailing experience with physicians on treatments, while also educating them on health conditions and diagnostics. This is particularly important for specialized medicine treatments where physicians may not have the latest background on the condition, indication and treatment. In addition, OZ created a second, walled-off patient AR application that provides an informative, interactive environment on conditions and treatments.

“We are excited about the application of AR for Detailing,” said Ric Cavieres, EVP of markets and consulting at OZ. “Innovation in Detailing has been slow over the last 20 years since the early forms of tablet e-Detailing were first adopted in the late nineties - enabling 2D digital content and Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) - with just the increment of iPads in the early 2010s.”

While e-Detailing provides greater personalization, insights and integration with CRM platforms, the number of physicians that are not receptive to e-Detailing (56% as of 2018) and the average length of e-Detail (90 seconds) has decreased rapidly. This is where AR Detailing can come in.

Cavieres continued: “Our AR Detailing application transforms the physician experience, providing a compelling interactive experience, that drives both awareness and education of conditions and treatments that will drive far longer and impactful Details.”

Murray Izenwasser, VP and health care and life sciences leader at OZ, added: "Our AR Detailing application has full CLM and analytics, and AI capabilities so users can understand, for example, how long a doctor is immersed in viewing a VR heart, the progression of heart disease and the indicated treatment. New approved content can be intelligently selected and remotely sent to the AR-app based on the physician's learning style and previous interactions."

AR glasses loaded with the AR Detailing app can be left with physicians to provide this ongoing interaction. A separate patient app is also provided so patients can have a vastly improved understanding of their diagnosed condition and treatment path right in their doctor’s office, radically improving the patient experience.

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