Arrayit Corporation Completes Allergy Testing Pilot Program for One of the Nation’s Largest Retail Chains

July 2, 2018

Arrayit Corporation (OTC: ARYC) announced on 7/02/2018 that the company has completed an allergy testing pilot program for one of nation’s largest chains of retail stores.  The retailer collected finger stick blood specimens from 126 customers at their in-store clinics, and shipped the blood cards to Arrayit for processing.  Arrayit processed the specimens and reported 126 quantitative total immunoglobulin E (IgE) measurements and 15,120 allergen-specific determinations indicative of food and environmental allergies.  The test results were reviewed and approved by the retail chain’s Chief Medical Officer.

Arrayit allergy testing is particularly suitable for large retail chains because convenient finger stick sampling allows customers to integrate a physician-ordered allergy test into their real-time shopping experience.  The test results, together with patient symptoms and medical history, enable in-store doctors to make personalized medical recommendations about allergy and asthma treatments and medicines, which are also conveniently provided by the retailer.  The retail chain, which reports revenues exceeding $50,000,000,000 ($50 billion US dollars) annually, has more than 2,000 locations nationwide.

Arrayit CEO Rene Schena states, “Completing an allergy testing pilot program for a major retailer advances our clinical initiatives.  Arrayit personalized allergy testing, in the context of 1,700 sales reps and a large retail chain, would accelerate our mission to provide health and wellness information to millions of American households.”

On 6/18/2018 the company announced that it had engaged a nationwide network of professional sales representatives (“sales reps”) to sell and distribute the company’s allergy tests across the Continental United States, with focus areas in the Pacific Northwest, West, Southwest, Rocky Mountain, Midwest, Northeast and Southeast regions. The network comprises 1,700 sales professionals including 500 sales reps with specific training in finger stick sampling, blood card collection and microarray technology. This extensive professional network will be used to enroll hospitals, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), doctor’s and dentist’s offices, health clinics and retail stores into the allergy-testing program.

As of this writing, Arrayit shares are up 15%.


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