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Discussion in 'Southwest Reps' started by Anonymous, Apr 28, 2009 at 2:16 PM.

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    Whoever it is that is in this territory needs to leave other companies marketing pieces alone. if you're scared bc your business is getting worse, that's your own fault. leave peoples stuff alone. loser
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    Which specialty are you talking about? They do this all time in mine.
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    My rule is that if you leave your marketing pieces out in the open, it's fair game. Same thing for mine. In fact, I even got some customers who will happily give me the stuff you left last time.
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    Wow.... It's idiots like you that make our profession look bad. If said marketing piece is not out in the open, what's the point in leaving it? I can read your mind next time you're in an office: "Let's see, if I hide my favorite marketing piece behind the trash can where nobody can see it, it will stay here forever". That will really make an impact. You should leave other company/product pieces alone and they should leave yours alone.
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    Ditto... Which speciality?

    I know of one med device rep...


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