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Discussion in 'Canadian Reps' started by Teflon is gone, Oct 1, 2010 at 7:19 PM.

  1. WHAT DID I TELL YOU "MILLION" TIMES? FIRST REPORTED ON Pharmalot-- Pharma blog by Ed Silverman today. Look it up under the title :NOVARTIS WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS;"WE WASTED MONEY".
    Novartis USA has done what we in Canada did without any concequences while they are paying $422.5 Milion in fines to settle civic and criminal suits against them. The WBer by the name Jeremy speaks and is very interesting. Replace any reference to USA with Canada and you have the story of Novartis Canada Diovan promotion.
    The lawsuit known as "qui-tam" under the False Claim Act was launched by Jeremy and naturally DOJ of PA state took over and bingo, another huge fine for Novartis AG. Wonder what Vasella is saying and their BPO in Basel?
    So if anyone still disagrees that we in Canada desperately need our version of FCA, they are simply crooks that do the stuff ordered by their bosses from Basel and down.
    Novartis USA is closing in on 1 Billion in fines as I predicted many moons ago. Why did I know it? You new it too for you too had done their dirty work for what you considered good money but in reality it was just chicken bones they threw at you. If we had the FCA, you, I and all others could do the right thing, recover the loot from them and get it back to the rightful owner the people of Canada while rewarded handsomly so you would not need their lousy job.
    That would be a good deal for all but the crooks at Dorval's office. No?
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  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Canada as 10% of USA, means that Novartis Ca inc. would be fined $42.25 million for doing what they did in US got caught and paid that fine. The whistleblower one or few would get $2.6 million ( 4 got $26.00 in USA) as reward for doing the right thing and getting those $42.25 mills. back where they belong, to our public health care where it was stolen from.
    BUT for that we would need that FCA Canadian version. Any of you reading this would go ahead and whistleblow on your Co for the opportunity to do the right thing and get rewarded, not punished as it would happen as things are today.
    Now we have the final piece of puzzle to go ahead and press those who can do it and make our own FCA a reality. This will help the future whistle blowers who will be looking for evidence all the time and when they have it, will blow the Co out of the water.
    Imagine the crooked management then; they will know someone is always watching and recording over their shoulders. They'll have no peace at all and yet they will still do it, thinking they can get away. Just as they did and still do in USA. Once a crook always a crook, but at least we'll be able to limit the damage they do. As it is now, we can not even limit the damage let alone recover majority of it as in USA.
    I would have loved to be in that Dorval board room when this latest disaster for Novartis AG was discussed. Did they decided not to to the fraud any longer (not a chance). What they discussed and I'd bet my life on it, was how to further improve their illegal stuff so it would not be easy to detect and collect evidence of.
    That is fine but the evidence in existance is going no where and it has no statute of limitation. That is why with this final piece of puzzle it'll do its job.
  4. The trouble for this once great Co is expending; The N. Carolina jury ordered Novartis to pay $12.8M to the family of Rita Fussman (died of cancer while suing Novartis) for failing to adequately warn patients of danger while using Zometa and Aredia. Her jawbone was destroyed by the drug.The Co knew it but simply "failed" to reveal it so more pills would be sold. This is very common in pharma biz and not the first time with this Co. Gone are the days when one part of this Co Sandoz did the honorable thing with Clozaril when sold first time for depression and few patients developed some serious blood side effects in Finland. The drug was instantly withdrawn worldwide, way before authorities ordered it done anywhere. But then, that Co was run by honorable people long gone and some already departed and now spinning in their graves on such terrible news on their beloved company.
    There are still 700 lawsuits left for this Co to deal with. Are you still proud to work for this ostensibly "best Co to work for in Canada(?)".
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Just read good part of Whistleblowers Of Novartis unite on US side of CP/ Novartis. Unbelievable information. Someone posted that those whistleblowers who got Novartis US in trouble costing them these millions, got the idea and "education" on that thread. Too bad such education is useless in Canada due to protection our crooked companies have from our gov't. This protection comes with price. Rest assured that all bigpharma cos grease the wheels of political game big time. Does this reminde one of "protection" Sicilian businesses have to pay to their gov't? Oops, their mafia which in fact is a gov't there.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    That in fact is Novartis' mission statement told in a way that it should be. Not wrapped in BS and other lies for public consumption.
    For those of us who oppose the criminal behaviour of companies like this one, ignored and even encouraged by the govt. there is hope that sooner or later a govt. will be elected that will stand up to such cos (biz in general) and put a stop to this plundering of our public without any visable consequnces.
    As the example from USA shows even in that country that is far more pro biz than any other country, the worse cases are not tolerated and can be brought to justice thanks to their False Claim Act. Mind you if FCA had not been introduced and approved in 19th century America, it would have no chance to become law nowdays. That is why it has been hard to intro it to Canada for gov't as current one would never put their "friends" in harms way of just law as FCA Canadian version. Imagine harper et al standing up to Novartis for instance. Not a chance. That will change one day and if you are watching what is already going on in some provinces the trand toward eliminating harperism has started. It is just a matter of time, next election time.
  7. 4Drvlcruks

    4Drvlcruks Guest

    Here is a latest example: Novaris is being investigated (in USA) for bribing and providing kickbacks to Dr.M. Reinstein (psych) who is accused of taking illegal kickbacks in many forms from Novartis (brand name Clozaril) and TEVA (generic Clozaril) for many forms of misconduct.
    For those of you, if there are still some left, who pushed Clozarilo you'd rember how much money Novartis Dorval threw at psychiatrists and others involved in Clozaril promotion and use. You bribed, you dinned and wined them, you did everything but rob the federal central bank to make sure these psychs were "looked after" so they would use much more than needed of this dangerous drug. And yet nothing happened to you or this crooked Co, again due to lack of proper laws and guts on the part of the feds.
    How long this will continue no one knows but sooner or later the day will come when this Co and all crooked bigpharmafia companies will be thrown under the proper laws bus. Can't wait but will. It'll be worth it. You'll see.
    ps: this is just one doctor and there are thousands who did the same on both side of the border. Only on the south side they will pay for it and add to already huge fines paid by Novartis USA. Does one feel sorry for the docs? Somewhat. They are in a way victims of the greatest crime committed by bigpharmafia, corruption of our most important factor in health care; Our doctors. Some never got corrupted but most did. How long can one stay away from money and other kickbacks they wave in front of your nose?

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