Layoffs not over by any means

Discussion in 'Endo' started by Anonymous, Jun 6, 2013 at 7:56 AM.

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    Frova going generic with Watson, look at their website. Andrgel 1% going generic, all of us retained are only here short term. The boat will continue to sink. We will be under increasing pressure to retain sales in the face of generics. A very bleak outlook. Keep looking for something else. Now everyone knows what Raj is here to do, dismantle Endo in the most profitable way. Everyone let go was in areas of diminishing sales.
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    I agree with most of what you say except your final thought. I was let go yesterday, as was my CSO partner, down to one rep from three. Our footprint was above goal for every product and above the nation for all but one, all in growth mode. The business rules followed for these cuts are not readily discernible from this angle. I'm not posting because I'm bitter; I'm happy to be off the sinking ship. Calm waters and blue skies lie ahead for me and my cohorts who were cut yesterday. Rough stormy seas will eventually sink what's left of the formerly good ship Endo.
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    Agree with this poster 100%. There were MANY let go yesterday who were very,very good reps; year in and year out.

    Nothing will ever make sense in pharma ever again.

    This is how they want you: Confused, afraid, and in fear of losing your 'lifestyle'.

    Remember that and make a change. That is, if you can handle being maybe a little less then 'upper-middle class'
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    Not to be overly negative but the industry is done. Unless you know someone in PC or want to sell BS creams on a 1099, it is over. Too late. If you waited, expect to be unemployed for a while. no one should have been surprised. Lilly, BMS, is done and cooked to a crip. Im OUT
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    There is nothing left to viably market in the brand unit. All the cards are being place with generics. The only profitable portion of the company
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    Aveed will save us!
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    Aveed. How funny. Now this is a good laugh. That drug will NOW have competitors IF it is approved on that time frame. Just look up the long acting Testosterone therapies on the FDA website awaiting approval (Stages1-3) and you will understand.

    Aveed is a dead dog with the IDIOTS this company has in R&D. And if it is not approved? Look for major layoff's the next day. This is why they made a new "UROLOGY" force of what, 100 or 115? Only for Aveed. If it fails, they are all done. Not to wish that on anyone--just fact.

    Aveed will never save us. Help, yes. Save, no way.
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    Trust me, I was joking!


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