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    This drug is once daily dosing, and one pill size 40 mg only. The weight gain is very low compared to Zyprexa, Risperdal, and Seroquel. They are saying it's the next Geodon, but better symptom wise. Geodon never worked according to pdocs.
  2. Anonymous

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    Doctors like Latuda compared to Geodon. Metobollic effects is what there after.
  3. Anonymous

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    Keep aiming low you bum. Geodon is not a player but than again I guess it is if you sell Laturda.
  4. Anonymous

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    Everything you say maybe true but You will never be as good as the top three. Geodon is a bottom feeder that is going generic so you won't beat them either because manage care won't let it happen. You were just to late to the game. Sorry!
  5. Anonymous

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    Thanks for basically repeating my point with your response to my post. Laturda was 5 years to late to market.
  6. Anonymous

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    Abilify abd Seroquel own the market!
  7. Anonymous

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    What part of GIANT MARKET don't you get? Being 8th out of 10 is still a MONSTROUS income for this drug. It's already (after a few months) trended higher than Saphris and Fanapt. That's the expectation. It's not to take over Abilify, Geodon or Zyprexa. And it's "too late", no "to late" Einstein.

  8. Anonymous

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    The expectation is that you get rich from

    1. selling in the Part D / Medicaid space
    2. Selling off-label for bi-polar and depression

    Don't worry, every doc will report you tot he FDA. Just wait until it all comes crashing down on you.
  9. Anonymous

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    Spelling is not selling you fool. 2012 the game ends for Latudra. Too much, too little, too late............ Enjoy collecting your pay check for the next 6 months while you still can. Game over moron!!!!!!
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Stick to your own product, because you're obviously not on this salesforce. We don't get paid for bipolar Rx's, so selling for that only increases our quota without increasing our bonus. So, why don't you worry about yourself rather than worrying about a salesforce you're not even on...

  11. Anonymous

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    Selling advantage Latuda
    1. lower EPS and akathisia then Risperdal and Geodon.
    2. low weight gain, patients losing weight.
    3. Once daily dosing at 40mg.
  12. Anonymous

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    Hey, don't kill the messenger. Our compliance department is getting the reports about what you're saying. I'm sure they will have no problem letting the FDA know what's being reported.

    It's only a matter of time before you go to the big house.

    Enjoy wearing orange,
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    WOW! Great job pulling comparison data to sell Latuda.....out of your ass.

    I'll send you a big cake while you're doing time....................sorry, nail file not included.
  14. Anonymous

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    Written by a desperate fool. The pscych`s in my territory laugh at you fools trying to sell this laughing stock atypical. Thanks for the laughs pal.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    With all the off-label promotions and comparative claims these guys are making, they'll be off the market and in criminal / civil court before long.

    From what I hear, the management are such bullying assholes that their own employees are DYING to speak to the Feds.
  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Clearly you're stupid. They track diagnosis codes and don't pay reps for non-schizo rx's.

  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Selling off label is selling off label. I do't giv a shit what your lame us company tracks.

    No weight gain? Better yet, weight loss?

    Competitive product comparisons?

    You're going to tracked alright, with an ankle bracelet once you get parole.

    By the way fucktard, how many schizo patients also have bi-polar I / II and depression?

    Boy, are you fucking stupid.
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Wow, you're just showing your ignorance. Why, exactly, would someone sell off label if those prescriptions get tracked and then pulled out of our ICP? This is most likely why you didn't get the job, because you're a fucking idiot.
    We certainly can't control when someone writes off label, but WE DON'T GET PAID FOR IT!!! HELLO!!!??? It just increases our quotas but doesn't increase our bonus. We would actually be penalized (by quota and less money) for doing this, so why would we do it!? I always say this job isn't rocket science, but clearly the bar is pretty low and it may be a little more difficult for some to understand than I thought. Go back to your primary care Lunesta job and stop worrying about a salesforce you're not on...

  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The question is, why would a psych write Latuda over another atypical that has a broader indication?

    Answer, they wouldn't unless dumb shits like you convince them that Latuda has no weight gain, EPS etc.

    Oh my bad, "weight loss".

    So fucktard, why do you sell off label when you don't get credit? Oh, maybe because you want psychs to write Latuda for the their schizo patients?

    ARe you too fucking stupid to realize that selling "weight loss" or "weight neutral" is off label?

    Ahhhh, I see why you don't even know it's wrong. Because the company has trained you to sell off-label!

    Thanks for proving my point on this forum. This coupled with doctor testimony should land you and the company in some significant hot water...................

    Once you've made enough money to make this worth the FDAs trouble.

    By the way, I heard some senior researchers at the FDA believe Latuda shouldn't have been approved and now people are listening.

    Bye bye............losers!
  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    So you don't get any credit for off label sales, eh?

    Does Sunovion pay back the profits for the sales when they are off label?

    Check IMS data and you'll see how much off label writing is going on.

    Too bad you don't even get paid for what you're doing.

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