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  1. Anonymous

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    When are we getting rid of these mofos?
  2. Anonymous

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    I think a better question is what are you going to sell when Provigil goes generic? Inventiv is the very least of your worries asshole.
  3. Anonymous

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    Why do you care? You don't speak to us, nor have you in the last 3 years. All we do is work quietly and stay out if your way. It's almost over for Inventiv as well as the future of cephalon so perhaps you should focus your concerns in yourself
  4. Anonymous

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    Gotta luv that corporate spirit its like one big happy family!
  5. Anonymous

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    Inventiv selling Amrix is a done deal through Dec. 2012. Becasue it was arrogantly brought up, I will say I'd rathter be selling Amrix v. Selling nuvigil vl provigil. Timely humility tends to change people. CNS could use some humility. Why are they so obesessed with Amrix. Perhaps because they don't put a fair days effort into selling Nuvigil. Just shut up and do your job. If you would care for a reference for Venitv or Quintiles, please let me know, and see your brag book.
  6. Anonymous

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    Dude, you are kidding yourself if you think the contract gig will last until December. You will be lucky if you have another six months.
  7. Anonymous

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    Haven't you guys been singing that tune for the last.... 3 years? Learn a new song...
  8. Anonymous

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    Did we not just eliminate half of you idiots? I have seen this happen many times. They want all of you to go away but could not do it all at once. I give it maybe three months and if you are smart you will stop being in denial and look for a new job. The remaining bottom dwellers will soon be gone!
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    Bottom dwellers? Ok off label, law breaking, soon to be out of a job when Provigil goes generic douche bag. Talk about denial? You take the cake. And it was 1/3 that were let go, not half. Why am I even wasting time responding to someone who can't hear me because their head is so far up their a$$, they can only hear their food digesting?

    Do tell. What is your reasoning behind WHY they couldn't get rid of us all at once? Was it because we would cost them 400 million in fines? Oh wait, that was a different sales force.

    And FYI, scripts are up 1500 a week vs a month ago and steadily growing. Our charts are headed up. Which way is yours headed?
  10. Anonymous

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    Time will tell!
  11. Anonymous

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    The PCP reps should be kisses the butts of the Inventiv reps since WE ARE the ONE moving Amrix (albeit a little) allowing them to keep their over paid jobs. Amrix is a primary care product not pain management.

    Your Welcome,
    Your friendly neighborhood Inventiv rep.
  12. Anonymous

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    My goodness you are spectacular! When CNS handed off Amrix it was doing 10,500 prescriptions per week and you quickly dragged that number down to under 7,000 at one point. Now you pushed it up by 1,500 after you start handing out copay cards that will pay up to $350 of out of pocket costs. Simply amazing. You're giving it away for free and sales are still over 2,000 prescriptions behind the numbers CNS was doing long ago. Very impressive. Your guzzinta skills are still more impressive than your sales skills. Please go crawl back under the rock Mullholland and Reilly found you under.
  13. Anonymous

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    Remind me how Nuvigil is doing nowadays?
  14. Anonymous

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    And if you recall (or choose to keep your head in the sand) there were almost 800 reps selling Amrix when sales hit 10,000 scripts per week. PCS was pulled off to launch Nuvigil and now there are only 200 PCP reps plus a small % of PCP effort selling almost that amount. So who was (and is) selling Amrix?
  15. Anonymous

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    I agree with your point that there were more people promoting Amrix at one point, so that is why there were greater scripts. However, what company do you work for? I have a problem understanding how you don't know the 3 "divisions" are CNS, PCS, and PCP.
    CNS focuses on Nuvigil. PCS was 50/50 on Amrix and Fentora I believe in 2010.

    I don't understand why there is so much animosity towards all of the different sales forces. There are inadequate people in each division, just like any sales organization at any company. I know people that work at other companies that are idiots and are completely ineffective in front of the customers, yet they are still collecting a paycheck.

    I would suggest worrying about yourself instead of wishing people that work for Inventiv to lose their jobs. Maybe you should try seeking other employment since the Fentora generic situation doesn't look so good. Oh, and since Cephalon is also under investigation for breaches of fiduciary duties.
  16. Anonymous

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    Having worked in many industrys previous to this one. I am baffled at the absolute arrogance and ignorance to some of the Cephalon representatives. If you are such an asset and so valuable what are you doing in this industry? Clearly with your alleged skill sets you shuld be doing something other than selling Nuvigil. Show some intelligence and realize we are all here, making a modest income, and beholden to skethcy management and their whims. Just to your job well and shut up or find another one elsewhere.
    I will be otherwise laughing hard watching you sell Nuvigil v Generic Provigil!
  17. Anonymous

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    The key words here are arrogance, ignorance, asset, skill set, modest, and selling.

    Arrogance - Pharma/biotech reps have failed to realize they are not the cream of the crop in sales. They never were, but the industry made them believe they were something special by brainwashing their sales forces. Hilarious in and of itself since the sales forces consisted of college educated individuals. (says something about America and our education system)

    Ignorance - Reps have become sheltered from everyday Americans and how poor of a situation the economy and job markets are in. Try finding another job where you get a car, salary and bonuses (even if they are now small) and you only have to work three hours a day. Yes, that is right I said three hours and that includes the days when your DM rides with you.

    Asset- You are only an asset when the company is making money and has a novel product to deliver/sell. You currently have one of the two with this company. How long before the second disappears.

    Skill Set - Depending on the company or companies you worked for - you may have a unique skill set. The amount of sales training Pharma provides is exceptional compared to other industries. Cephalon's training is abysmal, but previous employers may have provided you with video training and multiple sales courses. You are well equipped to transition to another sales position in another industry- of course that is considering you have not gotten lazy over the years and you understand that now you may have to work 8 -10- 12 hours days to make a living. That would include sales jobs like selling shoes, which many reps were cracking jokes about on a previous post. (refer back to arrogance please). Keep in mind also that the job market is not the greatest right now.

    Modest - Your income is not modest unless you are brand new to the industry. Anyone working for Cephalon for 5 + years is making a minimum of 80 k and more likely closer to 100k before bonuses (unless you had poor negotiating skills when hired)

    Selling - Unfortunately there is not much selling going on anymore. Dropping coupons and coffees does not qualify as selling. I mentioned before that many of you had good sales training. The sad part is you are not allowed to use those skills because the industry evolved (actually Devolved) Pharma companies shot themselves in the foot by over hiring (result was poor or no access) and the government stepped in because of unethical behavior (Cephalon). A sad tale, but not all is lost. You have choices - #1. Quit complaining and ride this out until you are laid off. #2. Leave the industry and forge a new career path. The latter is a bit more painful, but can be done. Given that PPACA (health care reform) is estimated to produce 250-400 thousand new jobs per year for the next decade, you should be able to find something in health care. Of course you won't have that company paid for car and you might have to take a pay cut. Good luck regardless the choice, but please stop complaining about how bad you have it. You are the child who is spoiled and someone is threatening to take away your sucker.
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    The key words here are arrogance, ignorance, asset, skill set, modest, and selling. Just using your parameters.

    Arrogance - Contract reps who can't even get an interview, much less hired by a manufacturer, thinking they actually have any valuable skill sets other than they are willing to work for peanuts. How many of you are trying to get out. Read your own threads.

    Ignorance - Many of you think you have the skill sets to do the job, but you do not. You have never done anything but follow the exact script you were given and even then you didn't do that well.

    Asset- You are only an asset when a company has a simple straight forward product to sell that has great managed care coverage and needs more "noise" in the market. You are nothing more than Wacky Wavy Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubepeople.

    Skill Set - To the writer of the previous post you have none. Granted I am sure there are some skilled salespeople that were displaced and had no choice and there are others with promise just trying to get experience, but most never have and never will have anything to offer. I haven't met any of the former, but I have met one of the latter.

    Modest - You overestimate your skills and the impact you have on everything. "We are up 1500 Amrix prescriptions in recent weeks", yes but you drove the product down 3,500 and didn't bring it up 1,500 prescriptions until you had $350 copay cards and yet it is still over 2,000 presciptions behind where it was when it was handed off. "Oh there were 800 people working on it then"; keep lying to yourself, when it went to 20% of CNS compensation it might as well not existed .

    Selling - We still sell to the best of our ability inspite of inept management. That is one area we agree on, but it was not always like the way it is now. Believe me, we know we have Pfizer retreads trying to implement the same policies that caused Pfizer's downfall. They do not know any other way and until they go our fate and Cephalon's fate are sealed. We all know we are done as well when Provigil goes generic unless they buy another product. We have been saying that since before Mulholland, Larry and Reilley brought you on board. Unlike most of Inventiv we see what is ahead even if management doesn't.
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    I am laughing hard at your grammer and spelling.
  20. Anonymous

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    Hey douche bag find me the threads or posts where people are complaining about Cephalon's compensation. We are not thrilled about the inept management or the recent company windfall due to jacking up Provigil's price, but we are all happy to be employed and we do not take anything for granted. Maybe you should talk to your own co-workers instead of lecturing us. Here are a few threads from your company's board:

    COMPANIES HIRING CSO REPS. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. THAT MEANS NOT MUCH! ( Fuck You inVentiv For Paying us CSO's So Shitty! Most Of Us Spend All Day Everyday ( Anonymous Yesterday 04:30 PM
    by Anonymous 74 2,821

    I Had To Move Back Home and Live with My elderly Parents to Afford This Job
    Anonymous Yesterday 08:46 AM
    by Anonymous 13 704

    Anonymous Yesterday 08:44 AM
    by Anonymous 17 991

    Have You Notice All The Old Farts Love Contract, The Young And Ambitious Hate It.
    Anonymous 03-19-2011 06:12 PM
    by Anonymous 41 871

    Anonymous 03-19-2011 03:18 PM

    I am Starting a Companion Sitting Business on the Side. If you need me to
    Anonymous 03-18-2011 06:39 AM
    by Anonymous 5 302

    Do you really have to be a millionaire to be a contract rep?
    Anonymous 03-17-2011 01:07 PM
    by Anonymous 9 260

    Dont Take Contract. You will Lost Respect of Everyone. ( 1 2)
    Anonymous 03-17-2011 11:57 AM

    Who are the complaining bitches now? Go back to your own company's threads and lecture there. You are unskilled labor that was brought in because you cost less up front, but sooner or later even these idiots will have to realize you offer nothing but poor repetition of their ridiculously inferior marketing messages that sell nothing. Your own peers advertise their lack of ability, lack of caring, lack of fair compensation and lack of job satisfaction. Take care of your own house before criticizing ours.

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