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Discussion in 'McKesson' started by Anonymous, Nov 1, 2010 at 11:36 PM.

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    What can anyone tell us about Joe Wornson? I guess he came from McKesson and is now over at BMS stirring things up!!!
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  4. Joe Wornson is very professional, down-to-earth, motivated, a motivator, a solid leader and as long as you are doing your job he is supportive of your career goals. Those who have issues with Joe tend to be slackers, suck-ups, individuals who work only 10am-2pm and anyone scared to do the job their getting paid to do. Let's not forget, you get paid good money to do a job....just do it and you won't ever have problems with Joe Wornson.
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    Nice to see you are on here trying to defend yourself Joe!!
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    Lol, that was definitely Joe replying...you bald fucking pig. First off the guy can't even spell....it's they're not their Joe! You're a manager for god sakes. This guy was banging his secretary and making illegal deals the minute I walked in the door at McKesson...you fucking scum bag. You really need to take care of those warts on your dick with that topical cream. The ex-stripper secretary (or whatever she is) named Brooklyn you were banging gave you some real nasty rashes eh Joe?


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