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Discussion in 'Catalent Pharma Solutions' started by Anonymous, Nov 16, 2011 at 4:54 PM.

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    Catalent Pharma Solutions has decided to move production of the very popular Advil Liqui-Gels from its Saint Petersburg Florida facility to their expanded facility in Buenos Aires Argentina. The move has shifted nearly thirty-percent of its production from the Florida plant to Argentina.

    As a result, this month Catalent has begun laying-off their America hourly workers at the Saint Petersburg plant and has hired new workers in Argentina.
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    ......and patients are becoming more and more hesitant to buy medication produced off shore for fear of poor quality control. They don't bother to see which products are made offshore and often just refuse to buy anything made by the company. Reduced overhead and tax incentives don't mean much if the customer ain't buying.
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    What's going on at Catalent St Pete these days? I hear on other boards the St. Petersburg plant had cut employees down to 36 hours a week, eliminated some positions and the place is so poorly run now, the experienced workers are leaving and being replaced with temp workers and low paid inexperienced people. They say everything from quality to housekeeping has been affected, I'm sure glad I didn't take that position there, but every so often I check to see what's happening over there since it's nearby and still had some cars in the parking lot. Years ago this was considered one of the top places in the state to work, you never hear that anymore.
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    Catalent is just becoming another Pharma company cutting costs to pump out cheap medicine for people to buy. It isn't necessarily their fault. They are just copying other companies and trying to stay in the rat race.

    I wouldn't take a job there these days.

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