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    I know I will not be pulled over, nor do I want to work in such a negative environment. Valeant has destroyed so many companies and disrupted too many families! The greed is insatiable to MP and the motley crew of characters called executives. If nothing more, I will make it my own personal mission to boycott all products by Valeant. I will tell my friends and so on. Sure finish what you have started MP, but what will hurt you is your own thirst for money.
    Karma is a bitch.
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    MP has done what NO OTHER pharma CEO has the balls to do - get rid of redundant, non-productive waste, which is rampant in these companies. This is only the beginning. If you want to participate, buy Valeant stock because he's not stopping here. Medium and big pharma are coming into the sights soon. Go MP!
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    You are a big ass sucking leach and a pimple full of venom.
    Stay on MPs fat arse and soon you will be gone.
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    oooh yum, an oozing pustule of crap.
    its on like popcorn!


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