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Are you happy?

Discussion in 'Wright Medical' started by Anonymous, Mar 4, 2011 at 11:27 AM.

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    Philosophical & benchmark questions:
    Are you happy in your job?
    Are you happy with your company?
    Are you happy with your manager?
    Are you happy with your comp?
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    I'm starting a union in our maint. department as soon as get all the information. i work second shift and i am asking others is our department because i am not happy. What do you guys think my chances are? MAW
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  4. Anonymous

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    AFL-CIO baby! Contact them if you want Mark and they will advise you on the details to start a union. I hope you know what your are getting into. I work with you on 1st shift and I would advise you to not start or mention a union anymore.


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